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until a washington post reporterrdecided to do a little diiging. he discovered the painting was actually on loan to the b-m-a by art collector... saidie may.but just months aater she died... someone stole it! 5437 certainly what we're innfrmation weecan about the painting about its history, &pabout its time here. anything &pthat would connribute to the and we intend tooshare ll of that with the authorities 52 the f-bbi is now investigaainn... to determine the painttig. it's now in the care of the auctionnhouse... which obviouuly, canceled tooorrow's auctioo. myranda stephens, fox45 news at 530. charged afterrtheir 5-year-old son drank methhdone and ptopped breathing. breattinn.police were called when the boy drank a bottle of - pink liqqid and became unconscious.turns out it was methadone.the child was taken to thh hospital and revived. pollce also found druus and
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weapons in the house.the boy's parent, paulland kimberly brooks, nowwfaceenumerous pharges including reckless endangerment. anne arundellcounty poliie say a woman trieddto kill her estranged husband by hitting him ith a pickup truck. &p39-year-old patina morehead i degree murder.police say she --- ran over her husband during an argument wednesday night, ppnning him ehind the truck anddanother caa. he was flown to shock trauma with life-threatennig injurres. -first on fox-two men are charged with robbbig graves in frederick county. as kathleen cairns reports, the to makeeunscheduled visits to - &ptheecemetery tt see if anything is missing. (cairnn as llve lead)"here at resthaven memorial gardens relatives started to notice some unusual mysterious disappearances.. abbut a month ago these bbonze vases started disappearing they are worth abouut2000dollars a piece." &&p-------there are five thousand people buried at
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resthaven memorial gardenn. but today, visitors aree not cooing just to pray. (vvice only)"its bringing back alot of sadness." some re checking to see if grave robbers targeeed their relativee. jack close)"thats just downrighttdiirespect for the dead and the peoples family that lost somebody" jack and his wife grace... are checking hhr parents grave. ((wo shot aa)"yep therr still &phere..."more then a dozen of their elatiies are laid to rest here. (man alone walking) theyre all ere.... well i wonder if they gottem over on bettys side." it's quiet... ass they search forrhis sisttr's spot. ""aas -ya set em in like then 90 offthese brooze aaes have beeenstolen from the deaa. (grace close)"this is just ttrrible that they would
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do thhs to the livingg relatives and to the dead."two suspects were caught trying to sell the vases for scrap metal. (close on guy)"thats just downright sinful"(great shot grace close)"not good not good at all"(close man)"i just lost my brother three eeks ago to cancer and forsomebody to do something like that.. if it was his grave..i would be very very upset"(two shott far)"at least they didnt get these"(ccarns as live tag)"the two uspects who stole hese vases arr now facing some theft and destruction of property. in fred co kc fox and destruction of charges including theft facing some didnt get these"(cairns as live tag)"theetwo suspects who stole these vases are now acing some serious chargessincluding theft and destruction of property. in fred co kc foxx45 neww at 5;30 3 supporters of the maryyand dream act will be launching a new campaigg leading up to eleccion daa. day.the group plans to gather tomorrow morning at the bbltimore freedom academy library and canvass surrounding neighborhooos.
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they're hoping to gain support to pprove the law....the &pmeasure, which gives in-state tuition to illegal iimigrants, wws passed earlier his year but opponents lead a pptition drive to put the issue on the ballot. e recentty did aatown hall meeting on the dreammact. you can watch the whole thing at fox baltimoreedot com. click on townnhall under hot topics. pur next town hall will focus on the same ssx marriaae referendum. ts set for phuusday october 25th. and you can watch it livv by going to fox baltimooe-dot-ccm nd cliiking on town hall in ur hot topics section. meanwhille carroll countt is planning a public hearing on whether to make english its officiaa languagg.commissioner idea earller this week.underr the plan.. official actions of the county would be written and presented in english only. shoemaker says it will save
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it comes to printing costs. frederick and queen anne's counties have lrradyyadopted the policy. foo he first tiim, ttoenroll in a low-cost able health care program. this afternoon, state and local offfcials announced the start of the evergreen heallh cooperative..... its statewide health program will bb modeled after the healthy howard program now underway n howard county.. ii'll inssrance company and will target those whose salaries are too high to for medicaid...but tooolow to "today we celebrate innovation that willlbbing down cootssin heallh care and increase quality of care. thats whattwe're celebrating to" today."the company will begin serviig members when hhalth care is fully implementeddin january 20-144 a new report by the ciiy's inspector general found serious problems with the purchase of pricey phonee
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equippent byythe mayor's officeeof inffrmation technolog. technology.controversy eruptee overrthe phone system when city comptrollee joan pratt accused the mayor of ssirting iggs office uncovered emails discussing how to keep ciiy council president jack young and other top ity officials in the dark about heir ppans for a new phone system. the report also cites conflicts of interest and ack of proper bidding on phone equipment, &pfindings the mayor sayy havee lead to personnel changes. 3 05:21:34"it's more than one person, it'sstop to bottom, it's a new direction." direction."" the report estimates mismanagmenttof phone purchases have cost the city hundredd of ttousands of dollars. it's our duty to hold electee officials can story aboot government our hhtline... can also log onto our weesite ox baltimore
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dot com and click on wwste watch. 3 newwat 5:30 baltimore's speed cammra program will soon &ppe under reeiew..... streaming live in norrh baltimore ith word abouu plann for a task forcee 3 for nine yearssnow, cameras have been patrolling the streets here in baltimore.....but now the cameras are about to be under watch themmelves. the mayoo has convened a task force to ssudy thhir accuracy and theirr effectiveness..... the cameras have long been thh parget of complaints and they haven't been without miitakes. task force to revvew the program and report their year. (5:43:31) "we wannn make sure the business procedures arr rrght. we wanna makk sure they're being effetive in reducing speed. but at thhe enn of the day, as long as over the speed limit in a going to applogizz for using thisstoolluntil eople slow ddwn." jamme kendrick will be
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chairing the task force... in fact, half of those servinggoo the city's 8-member task force are employeddby he city. jeff abell, fox 5 news t five 30. how are the roads ooking tonii? tonight?carrie peirce haa our &ptraffic eege report. reporr.mappdot- 95 at 395 fiber- 895 at child stmapmap 3 the ravens won a hard fought battle with the browns in the rain ast night... night..."...too far, ravens win" pin"the game amee down to the final play...
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cleveland uarterback brandon weeden overthrew everybody in the end zooe giving the ravves a 23-16 win...theepurple and black are 3-and-1 after the first 44gaaes... ann a big night for running back jamal lewis .....ho of honor.. a first round pick inn2000,,lewis won a super bowl his rookie year and wounn lladiig rusher with over 78- hundred yards.. he also leeds in touchdowns with 45... fiveedead in a workppace shooting..... what witnesses are saying about the gunman... and what may have set hhm off.. 3 police cruiser crashes into a house..... whatt caused the officer to lose &pcontrol.... and what happenee and a race agginst ttme.....
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what crews did to rescue a baby deer stuck in a &pmanhooe. 3 &p--adblib weather tz-- fivv people are dead after a workplace
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shooting in minnesota. you can signage company in minneepolis ... where a man opened fire.... killing four peeple peforeeturning the gun on himself.a wommnnwho lives near theebusinees, said one worker took shelter in her hhuse. , of the garage to the front and asked my husband if he could use the phone and said he was runnnng from he shooter." "he had watched his boss get shot and his best friend and
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two other people." police won't identify the shooter but witnesses say he's a former employee who waa laid offf investigators are trying to ffgure out what sent "sons f anarchy""starr johnny leeis, on a violent ramppge... that left him and his landlord dead. police say leeis beat his 81-year-old landlord to deaahh &pafter killing her, lewis fell escape police. last night, to crews were seen cleaning a large pool of blood off the pavement.the hoose has previously bben used by actors ann producers livvng in l.a. temporarily to make movies. 3& an out of control in kentucky ... and the dramatic crrsh is caught on camera. check it out. you see the patrol car rrsponding to a 9-1-1 calll.... when a pickup truck pulls out in front of him. the officer tries to gg around the vehicle, but endd control of his car ... and ses
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smashes into a nnarby hhme. the time -- but luckily, no one was hhrt. the officer walked away witt minor injuries. a breakthrough discovery... for the "curiosity" rover. pccording to nasa... the rover &phas come across rocks....that suggest water as once present likely theerocks came from a ssream beddthey're hoping to uss this new information... to beeter uuderstand the red planne. the fox show fringe rrturns for itts final &pseasonntonight. tonight.they aren't missing. they died 20 years ago.. they arent coming to save us from the observers pbserverrin season five... peter ..and astrid &parr fiihting for the future. ollvia gain. when you are watching the show, ook out grew uppright here in maryland. lance ssys: i grew up in baltimooe, shot the corner in baltimore, shot tte wire in
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baltimore. most of mm fathers family still lives in can see lance and the other actors on fringe when season fiveepremieres ponight at 9-pm ere on fox45. a new book by harry potter authhr j-k rowling... is now in stores.but unlike thh "harry potter" series... this book is for's her first full-length work since the series came out 5 yyars ago.the novel is titled "a casual vacancy"... and it's -- governmenn includessrrferences to drugss receiving mixed reviews from critics. witherspoon! on thursday... the actress welcomed her third child... who sse named "tennessee james."both are ssid to be doong welll this is witherspoon's first chill ith her husband, jim toth. she as two hildree... ava and deacon... from a previous marriage. a pee wee football
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controversy..... the proof that coaches offered cash bounties for big hits on opposi. 3 --adblib weather tt--
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3&pit may be peee ee football b one team takes the game very seriously. 3 the pop waaner cobbas in california are at the ceeter involving 10 and 11 year old - is speakinggout.... claiming - other coachee offered tte boys 20-dollar cash ounties for big hits on opposing plaaers. so far, six parents aad players have confirmed the allegations... but the ead &pcoach enies everythhng. (reporter): "did you ever suggest or pay for a player to team?" "absolutely not. i thiik ttey are trumped-up
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pharges. i think john zanelli and submitted i believe to ead - like that evee happened on my team." 3 late thursdayy the national pop warner organization suspended the head coach and new information nd players cominggforward. 3 a few showers could move in meeeorologisttemily gracey to up. pe're saying thankk up.
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we're saying thank you toothee ffns that make ur facebook today's facebook faanof the day is jason could be a fox45 fan of the day. foxbaltimooe and click the "like" button.ww have a new fan of the day every weekday on foo45 nnws at five. 33 hey everyooe, welcome to sports unlimited.i'm moogan adsit live at ccmden yards.. ii's extremly simple for the orioles.6 games left... 2 series... 1 here with bbston.1 on he road at tampa bay..the themselves.
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playoff hunt picturr...the orioles don't need any teams to tank nd hooe nned aay teams toothe orioles don't picture...playoff hunt t's a perfect it's a perfect layoff hunt
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picture...theeorioles don't hope they sneak in...nope... they sneak in...tank and hope need any teams to the orioles to worry about the o's juss 3 need .tampa bay..the oos justt need to worry about themselvess ii's a perfect playoff hunt it's a perfect playoff hunt picture...need any teams to tank and hope they sneak in...nnpe...have to llague team in the october hunt wonnout...the orioles just heir last 6 tt lockkp a wildcard spot..sounds simple and easy...but bbltimore knows to have the .for buck's team e about taking care of business finish. egular season 3 o's hhving to o it o's having without matt wieters tooight... &phisswife juss gave birrh to teegarden in..american league ssandings...orioles only trail the yankees by one game in the division.....ith oaklandds
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loss last night, they'rr now one game in front of the a's... and 3 ahead of the angels in the wild ccrd... how about some irony for the orioles 3 game series with boston.....ho can forget what and red sox finished the ssason in baltimore with the rrd sox needing a win to make the playoffs....of course robert andino ended their popps with this single to ow the taales have's done this year...and the birds hope the red sox don't return the favor this season... meanwhile the ravens are surr baltimore heads into t's er... glad to snnak out a win against wasn'tt pretty...but after 2 tough ggmes in days... the rrvens end thhs week 22and-oh.3-and-1 on the season... after a tough ssart... 4 games in 18 days.. eaaly.... they'll take what's happened... and gladly move on. red sox anddo's... the week.that's toniggt at -
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10-50 and 11-30..ive at camden yards i'm ma for su. a baby deer gets 3 yards i'm ma foo suu a baby deerrgets trapped in aamanhhle in trapped ii a a baby deer gets yards i'' ma for su. a baby deer gets trapped in a tough rescue for many ng it -
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deputies. -----------nats of fawn beiig r- rescued-----------he 1-year-olddfaan was stuck in piiee..wiih no way to escape. nnt knowing how long the deer had been stuck...deputies made it. using a rope and a carabeener ..... rescuers lassoed the fawn around the neck to pull him to safety. "when animals are under strees sometimes theyyre killed and healthy animal, so the only thing we could think of was o lasso him anddtry to lift him out without hurttng him." despite he deer'ssaudible cry, rescuers say he was not injured ....and that it was worth getting him to safety. 3 that's all for fox45 news at feud" is next.ann we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see yoo ater. later.
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